Stories Worth Telling

Stories Worth Telling was a nonprofit fundraising project that I joined with four creative friends. Our goal was to fund local foster children for a week of summer camp and year-round mentoring. Many foster children have never lived in a family home, and many others have been fostered and then returned. The foster and adoption system is a vicious cycle, and these summer camps are meant to be a reprieve from that world.

This initiative enabled a new camp to be established from the organization, Royal Family Kids Camp, which already had 180 camp locations around the United States.  The project involved using 20 story-telling photo shoots to bring foster children’s stories to the general public.  Beyond funding this camp, we wanted to inspire others to partake in camps/opportunities local to them, and to become educated in the foster and adoption systems.

This project originated when photographer Rob Woodcox spent a week of counseling at an already existing foster care camp.  After experiencing the difference one week of camp could make with his two campers, and having been rescued through adoption himself, Rob had to do something to bring this opportunity to the greater public eye.  After pitching this idea to his creative partners Jakob Skogheim (Filmmaker) and Tabbatha Plomaritas (Producer), the three began developing the campaign with diligence and determination.  Soon it was clear that more help would be needed, and I joined the team as screenwriter, along with Casey Maxwell as the Graphic Designer.

Over eleven-thousand dollars was raised, and we successfully sent a local group of kids to camp to have the time of their lives. You can check out our IndieGoGo campaign, Rob's artwork that promoted it, and the Stories Worth Telling Facebook page at the links below.

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