My first internship was with, and unfortunately the funding couldn't maintain the website. However, I was able to save stills of my blog posts before the site went down. 

During my last semester at Michigan State University, I wrote articles about environmental conservation and wildlife welfare.

Controversy in the Congo: Bushmeat in America

The illegal hunting and trade of “bushmeat” is international, along with its consumption as a delicacy. In Africa local hunting and consumption is a dietary necessity of villagers and indigenous forest people, like the Bambuti, as an alternative to more expensive forms of protein. However, to anyone other than the indigenous, bushmeat hunting is illegal because it offsets the balance of the rainforest’s ecosystem. But the danger of this imbalance doesn’t stop the demand for bushmeat as a delicacy across the world, including the U.S.

Coffee and Business: Cultivating a Balance

So what kind of coffee do you drink? Is it Rainforest Alliance certified? If it’s not then you are contributing to the deforestation of millions of acres of rainforest... As one of the world’s most prominent coffee producers, the farmers of the Colombian Highlands are Rainforest Alliance certified. This means that they follow strict guidelines to maintain a natural and sustainable environment in order to preserve the land for centuries to come.