5 Best Local Surf Spots in LA

There are many spots along the California coast that offer great surf, but if you’re new to LA and don’t know where to go it’s hard to find the right spot for your level of experience. Having a few experienced locals on the Keanr team, I asked them about a few of their favorite locations, along with doing my own research down the coast. Aside from the biggest professional surf spots like Huntington, Doheny, and San Onofre, here are Keanr’s recommendations for the best surf spots in Los Angeles.

Controversy in the Congo: Bushmeat in America

The illegal hunting and trade of “bushmeat” is international, along with its consumption as a delicacy. In Africa local hunting and consumption is a dietary necessity of villagers and indigenous forest people, like the Bambuti, as an alternative to more expensive forms of protein. However, to anyone other than the indigenous, bushmeat hunting is illegal because it offsets the balance of the rainforest’s ecosystem. But the danger of this imbalance doesn’t stop the demand for bushmeat as a delicacy across the world, including the U.S.

Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Venice and Santa Monica may have the most interesting people within a long stretch of beach with a bike path that stretches down the coast. The beaches are open and appealing with views of the Santa Monica Mountains to the northwest. From street performers on Venice Beach’s famous boardwalk to Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade and infamous pier, you’ll find singers, dancers, daredevils, animals, comedians, and many various types of performers.

5 Steps to Accident Preparedness

The worst thing people assume about driving is that an accident will never happen to them. But the roads are filled with so many terrible, distracted, and aggressive drivers that the roadways are more perilous than you may think. When it does happen to you, the best way of dealing with it is to be prepared and know exactly what you need to handle the situation properly. Remember that the more organized you are about documenting the accident, the easier the claims process will be.